EBEC '19

Hello BESTies,

The time for the next challenge has come! BEST Groningen will be organizing its first every European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC). BEST seeks enthusiastic students who would like to become an active part of the organizing core team!

So you might be wondering what an EBEC is. EBEC is the annual engineering competition organized and carried out by the BEST groups in 32 countries in Europe. During an EBEC the students have the opportunity to challenge themselves in solving theoretical and practical problems together.

During this event, students, companies and institutions from a wide range of disciplines come together and form a challenge which develops the student’s knowledge potential in combination with their personal skills into addressing real-world problems!

What we will be organizing is the local round in Groningen and out winners will advance to the next level (national/regional round). The EBEC finals of this year are to take place in Turin, Italy.

So, are you a smart FSE student seeking a new challenge? Would you like to work in a solid core team and meet people of different mindset? Do you want to put your skills and knowledge in organizing this fun event? Then join us for the core team of this astonishing event!

Your work as the core team begins in 1st of December. The event is due to take place on 9th and 10th March! There are 4 spots available in our core team of EBEC. A fantastic organizer for our Logistics, a sociable member to take over the PR, a business person to bring the companies to the even and a cool designer to develop the task team design of the competition!

Interested? You can apply using this google link!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!