Summer Course '18

Learning from nature's tricks

What does Marvel Entertainment, LLC, Velcro Companies and the Japanese rail company JR West have in common?

They all make money off of people/things inspired by nature, of course! Marvel has Spiderman, inspired by spiders (obviously), Velcro Companies makes (you guessed it) velcro, inspired by burdock burrs and JR West has a bullet train, inspired by the kingfisher. Nature’s got about 3.5 billion years of intensive R&D behind it and has created the most ingenious solutions to everything. That takes out a lot of the guesswork for us humans and leaves us with an encyclopedia of solutions to gather inspiration from. And what better place to get in on the action than at LBG Groningen in the country whose existence has depended on contending with the force of Nature? You could say the Dutch have gotten very well acquainted with Nature, and you’d be very right.

In this 7 day course, learn all about how to look at nature’s solutions and implement them in solving man’s problems today. Whether you take inspiration from the tumbleweed, a housefly or a waterfall, this course will take you through lab tours and company visits and get you what you need to turn that into the next big solution humanity needs. Plus, you’ll get to do it in the land of great cheese and bicycles that’s 26% under sea level. What’s not to love?

So pack those bags, snap those velcro shoes shut, maybe get in an avian-inspired plane and we’ll see you at the University of Groningen for what is sure to be the best experience of your summer in 2018!

For a better idea about the topic of the course, please watch this video: